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A young cowhand with an uncertain future, drowning in debt. A wealthy rancher with a dark past, drowning in booze. A single chance at happiness in the face of impossible odds.

Jace has been in the closet ever since he first realized he was gay. Not only is his personal life a mess, but now, hard on the heels of losing his mother to cancer, he’s about to lose their farm to the bank. An unexpected job offer from complete strangers could be his only opportunity to save it.

After betrayal and addiction stole away everything Remy ever cared about, he figured that managing a promising desert reclamation project in bum-fuck Nevada and drinking himself to sleep every night was about the best he could hope for out of life. He never expected to fall for a clean-cut cowboy with a cartload of horse savvy and a giant chip on his shoulder.

Too bad one of them is a broken-down wreck, and the other has the closet door locked so tight that he may never see the light of day. Because if there’s one thing Remy has never believed in, it’s fairytale endings.


Diamond Bar Alpha Ranch is a standalone HEA gay romance novel with no cliffhanger. It contains explicit sex scenes, as well as hot cowboys with issues—which is probably why you’re here in the first place. (No cattle, horses, or hot cowboys were harmed during the making of this novel.)